The Cotton Stem's a thing!

Ummmm, yeah.
The Cotton Stem Blog is a thing.
Woo hoo!!!

If you follow me on Instagram, you know I love to write (and, ahem...overshare... ;), and y'all know I’ve been aching to make this next phase of the Cotton Stem dream a reality!  My hope for this blog, amidst a sea of blogs, is to inspire, to challenge, to entertain, and to share my heart and home with you buddies...all while keeping a firm grasp on the reality that, while the pictures might be pretty, my four children and three pets make me touch their poo and do their laundry...and it keeps me ever so grounded.  So.  You'll get a little poo talk here, I'm CERTAIN of that.  
Lucky you. ;) 

And...if you DO follow me on Instagram, you know how hard all that sharing and poo-talk is gonna be without the use of the beloved emoji.  :/  See?  I miss them already.  How am I supposed to talk with my hands virtually if I can’t emoji?!  Le sigh.  We’ll figure it out.  Just know, I’m over here gesturing and rolling my eyes and derp-ing all the while blogging for you, my buddies.  
You know how ol' Cotton Stem do.  ;)

Coming up first on the CSB:
A woods and whites home tour, how to start your own (easy!) capsule wardrobe, a modern farmhouse playroom redo, curated farmhouse shopping guides, a peek inside my closet and at my favorite places to shop for the capsule, a gorgeous and simple spring DIY (or two), a closer look at my client e-design projects and how to take my designs for clients and make them your own, a vintage Frenchy farmhouse guest room makeover, and...a couple of funnies from my insane life along the way.

I hope you’ll stick around for the cray, my friends.  
You know I heart ya.  
Real big.

(An emoji!  I think I figured it out!  Look at ol' Cotton Stem learning... 😉)

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