Mastering the Front Tuck (and hiding the Mom Pooch!)

**FIRST...if I could express to you all how much your comments on my last post meant to me, I would do so with big hugs and face squeezes all around.  I read every single one, most of which made me cry, and I'll be forever grateful you took the time to share. It touched me more than you'll probably EVER know to read your stories, your words of encouragement to other mamas, and to know you trusted me with that information about your personal lives.  THANK YOU.  Beyond touched.  

Thank you.  💗 how to front tuck shirt

The front tuck.
Some hate it.  Some love it.
I used to be in one camp, and now, with the extra fluff left over from four babies in five years, I am FIRMLY in the latter group.  (Well, maybe not "firmly"...more like I'm jiggly in the latter group.😉)  Want to know why?  Because, if done just right, the leftover mom-fluff can be disguised with a bit o' front tuckage...let me show you how!


Okay, so this is a shot my hubby took so I could have him test the lighting before shooting these little how-to photos, and it's certainly not my best angle.  😉  BUT!  It serves as the perfect example for why I heart front tuck.  And...I think I know WHY it's not my best angle.  Nothing changed between this pic and those from the graphic up top....except that I tucked in my shirt.  That's it.  I mean, this before picture doesn't look awful or anything like that.  It's a comfy, flowy shirt over some skinnies.  Simple enough.  But...I feel like something as small as tucking in the shirt suddenly gave me legs that were once hidden and helped define my waist once more.

"But Erin," I hear you saying, "I don't want to tuck in my shirt and possibly accentuate the Mom Muffin even more!  Don't take away my flowy shirt camouflage!!"  I FEEL YOU MAN.  Doesn't matter what size we are--if we're a mom, we've got some form of Mom Bod that wasn't there before kids, and we could all use a few tips and tricks.  (Shout out to Laur from for that quote. 🙌🏻😉)  Don't get me wrong; I love a loose, flowy top now and again.  However, as evidenced from the two sets of pics above, there's something to be said for tucking in that shirt to add a little bit of shape to our outfits. Now, here's where my secret fluff-camouflage front tuck technique comes in.... how to front tuck shirt mom pooch

ONE:  Grab and bunch up the very center of your shirt.  (*Note: this technique will really only work with longer tops that are just a bit flowy or loose).

TWO:  Locate the space between your jeans button and the first belt loop to either side of the button.  (See where I'm pointing?) That's where we're going to aim our tuck.  I'll show you why we're going off-center in just a sec!

THREE:  Tuck in that front and center section of your shirt all the way into that off-center mark of your jeans.  Get just that section of shirt down in there pretty good. front tuck loose flowy shirt how to mom tummy

FOUR:  Now start to gently UNtuck the shirt, lightly blousing it out just around that off-center section of your pants.  Don't pull it out more than about 2-3 inches as we are still trying to make sure your gorgeous gams will be visible to add length to your hotttt mom bod!! 🙌🏻

FIVE:  Look at where your shirt meets your jeans--see that funny rolled up part?  Go ahead and sort of forward roll it in on itself so that the line/hem/direction of the base of your shirt is continuous all the way around.  (Meaning we don't want to see the underside of the shirt here--shift or roll that little grouped part forward and align the direction of the hem to match how it encircles your body from the back of your shirt going around.)

SIX: Blouse out the back and sides of your shirt to create that high-low look.  This style is sort of like a shirt-mullet: business/elongated legs in the comfy shirt in the back! front tuck mommy tummy how to

See how that off-centered, bloused, kinda swirled part of the shirt creates a layered layer in the front....right where Mom-Pooch can fluff o'er the top o' skinnies??  Using this little trick, we can still get that put together, longer-legs, defined-waist look without tucking in the shirt straight down and tight which would accentuate ye ole fluff.  😉  Tricks the eye a bit, I think!  

Anyway, I hope this helps with mastering the mystical front tuck, you know why so many of my capsule wardrobe looks include this twisty front tuck-a-roo!  

What do you guys think?  Front tuckers?  Loose and flowy?  And, if you'd like to join up with me and my Cotton Stem Capsule buddies, check out my suuuuuuper easy capsule wardrobe series: just [CLICK HERE] to see what all the fuss is about!  Come say hi on Facebook, Instagram and Pinterest, too!  Hugs, buddies!