5 Reasons Why I Bought Into the Rae Dunn Craze...(and why you should, too!)

So what's the deal with the Rae Dunn craze, you ask?
Well, if you know me in person, you know that I'm not usually sucked into fads or trends unless I reeeeeally love them for my own reasons.  I sort of have ODD (Oppositional Defiant Disorder) when it comes to fads.  If you TELL me I SHOULD love something just because everyone else loves it, I'll side eye you all the way up and down. 😒  However!  If it's a trend like Rae Dunn dishes, I'm in, whether or not the masses happen to be in, too.  Here's why!

CottonStem.com rae dunn collection canisters mugs

1. The fun of the hunt for myself and for others!

Rae Dunn pieces were originally sold only at TJ Maxx, Marshall's and HomeGoods (until the re-sellers swooped everything up and jacked up the prices to resell on eBay....boooooooo. 👎🏻), so it is kind of like a little treasure hunt every time I go into one of those stores.  Will they have a piece I need?  ("Need"...hahahahahahahhahaha. 🙄😂)  Will I beat this other girl who totes is scoping the place out for Dunn, too?  And, even if there's not a piece I need in stock, it's so much fun to hunt for others, too!  The above photo is proof that sweet Dunn-ers exist: all of those pieces were found for me by Instagram buddies of mine!  How cool is that?!?  Our stores never seem to carry the bigger pieces, so my buddies had my back.  And I was able to find pieces they needed, too!  So fun to connect with friends all across the country over something as small as a coffee mug.  Honestly, that's been my favorite part of all.  It's like a big collector's scavenger hunt for each other! 🙌🏻

CottonStem.com vintage furniture farmhouse decor rae dunn collection

2. White on white on white.

It will come as no surprise to my IG buddies [HERE] that one of the biggest draws for me regarding the Rae Dunn craze is dat white, yo! 😍  I think white anything is crisp, classic, clean and it is easy on my eyes.  I like serene spaces that feel open, bright and light, and these dishes fit the bill!  I love to display them in this vintage hutch (that we call our Beauty and the Beast hutch...ha!), I'll use some of the larger pieces to hold pretty bouquets [HERE], and I don't mind one bit if used dishes are on the counter...so pretty!  (Okay...maybe I mind a little.  But I mind a cluttered countertop a lot less when it is cluttered with crisp, white dishes! 😍)

CottonStem.com spring decor rae dunn mugs hanging flowers farmhouse decor

3. They make beautiful decor pieces, too!

Because of the simplicity and crisp white of the Rae Dunn pieces, I love to use these pretty dishes as decor as well!  I'll use some of the larger pieces to hold cut flowers [HERE], and I lined up some of my favorite mugs to create a spring table top situation above! (Click [HERE] to see the whole view of that space.)  I love anything that can serve more than just one purpose, and these dishes from Rae Dunn do just that!

CottonStem.com rae dunn mug farmhouse living room decor

4.  The simple words found on each piece.

I love the simple style of these dishes, including the fact that each one displays a word or very short phrase.  This makes it fun for me and the kids as they pick out which bowls or mugs they want to use for cereal and snacks, and I like snapping cheers pics with the mugs as sort of a theme for the day or to be a little punny. 😉  (Like the above?  That was actually coffee inside.  Boom.  Mind blown.  See how hilarious I can be, guys?!?!? 🙄😒😂)  Anyway, this part is just fun, and I love all the different words and phrases Rae chose for her pieces!  Makes it even more fun to try and find certain words or phrases to complete your collection, too!

CottonStem.com rae dunn collection ragamuffin cats

5. Cats love it.

I mean...does this really need any more explanation...?

CottonStem.com farmhouse kitchen white backsplash rae dunn mugs

There ya have it, buddies!  Those reasons above are why I bought into the Rae Dunn craze, even though I'm not usually into following all the fads and trends just for fad's sake...I love the dishes that much!  (And if you want to see how we hung up our mugs like this, check this blog post [HERE]....so easy!)  

What about you?  Do you get sucked into trends and love it while it lasts, or are you a staunch anti-trender?  Somewhere in the middle like me?  Are your cabinets brimming over with collections, too?  Perhaps some Dunn...?  😉  Let me know below, and come say hi on Pinterest and Instagram, too! 


(I got my beaded chandelier from Painted Fox [HERE] but it won't link below, so I'll link up another similar option for ya!