Welcome to Cotton Stem!

Cotton Stem Interiors is a home decorating and styling biz based near Tulsa, Oklahoma, specializing in fresh modern farmhouse, cozy French country cottage, classically timeless traditional…and everything in between!  Cotton Stem is the answer if you crave gorgeous, comfortable, refreshed spaces…on a realistic budget.  You shouldn’t have to spend beyond what is comfortable in order to transform your space into those Pinterest pins and catalogue clippings I know you’ve got tucked away somewhere.  And, it just so happens…I’m a specialist in translating those dreamy dreams into décor reality using budget-friendly ideas, vintage yumminess, and repurposing what you already own and love.  That’s what I do in my own house, and I’d love to get to come play at yours!

You know, that’s just it: this job is almost more about being a style translator of sorts.  You’ve already got this, my friend.  You have taste, you have style, and you’ve got the gorgeous Pinterest boards to prove it!  I’m just here to walk alongside you as we translate those seemingly out-of-reach dreams into beautiful realities…all on a comfortable budget.

That's what Cotton Stem Interiors is all about and why I chose the cotton stem to represent this biz. It's a classic icon of Southern charm and simple beauty.  The cotton stem reminds us to never forget our storied past and to find beauty in reclaiming the antique and the vintage.  It speaks to soft, cozy whites with textured, natural hues found under a sweet, pale blue sky amidst touches of fresh, fragrant green. 

Bright, light + airy

Cozy + comfortable with charm for days

Vintage, reclaimed + full of rich history

Fresh, Functional+ affordablE


That is Cotton Stem Interiors.  Now you know, so let's go!  Have a look at some of my recent projects, follow along on Instagram (button below!) for behind the scenes of Cotton Stem, and send a note to see how we can work together to make your house YOUR HOME!


Erin Kern

Owner + Decorator  |  Cotton Stem Interiors